Meaning star, STELLA is the name of the Infinite Lounge. Like the star of the night, STELLA captivates and mesmerises. It has a grand lounge, entertainment lounge, wine bar, and gourmet dining to entertain, impress, and host.

StellaCrafted to Impress

StellaSocial Spaces

The wellness and spa zone is named AURA, connoting light, or glow. The facilities here include the hot and cold spa,hydrotheraphy pool, and the microbubble ion spa. Set in an enchanting landscape, AURA is a sanctuary for wellness and personal time.

AuraA Sanctuary of Serenity

AuraOne WithYour Senses

VITA is the activity zone of KOPAR. The name connotes vitality and vigour, brought to life through a curated suite of facilities such as the 50m infinity pool, floating pool deck, children’s pool and various pavilions appealing to adults and children alike.

VitaA ContemporaryOasis

VitaHome WithinElegant Gardens

  • 1The Arrival
  • 2Concierge
  • 3Guest Lounge
  • 4Parcel Station (Basement 1)
  • GHGuard House
  • BCBin Center
  • MOManagement Office (Basement 1)
  • SSSubstation
  • GSGenset
  • SGSide Gate
  • STELLA (Social)
  • 5Reception
  • 6The Sommelier
  • 7The Connoisseur
  • 8Theatrette
  • 9Restroom
  • 10The Courtyard
  • 11Gymnasium (2nd Floor)
  • 12Grand Lawn
  • AURA (Wellness)
  • 13Aura Lounge
  • 14Relaxation Deck
  • 15Hydrotherapy Pool
  • 16Microbubble Spa
  • 17Hot Spa Pool
  • 18Cold Spa Pool
  • 19Meditation Lawn
  • 20Steam Room
  • 21Massage Room
  • 22Nail Salon
  • 23Zen Garden
  • 24Aura Gourmet Pavilion
  • 25Herbs Garden
  • VITA (Life)
  • 26Infinity-Edge Lap Pool
  • 27Relaxation Pool
  • 28Sun Deck
  • 29Water Deck
  • 30Reflective Pool
  • 31Picnic Lawn
  • 32Kids’ Pool
  • 33Jolly Pavilion
  • 34Kids’ Party Pavilion
  • 35Forest Walk
  • 36Cabana
  • 37Tennis Court
  • 38Playground
  • 39Play Pavilion
  • 40Vita Gourmet Pavilion
  • 41Garden Cabin
  • 42Garden Alcove
  • 43Bicycle Park (Basement 1)
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